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11. February 2020

Mastering Digital Amateurism

Prof. Dr. Sascha Friesike | Berlin University of the Arts

InterSystems IRIS Directions

Jeff Fried | InterSystems

Erba-Soft: a logistics instrument tracking system

Jan Toering | KoersvastOndernemen

Healthcare Forum

Healthcare Unbounded

Don Woodlock, Alex Macleod | InterSystems

Connected Healthcare: Trends and the future of Healthcare

Dr. Anna van Poucke | KPMG Advisory N.V.

How InterSystems can help us in our EPR project

Pierre Jacmin | Grand Hopital de Charleroi

Making regional health information exchange possible in the Netherlands

Angélique van der Veer |  RZCC

Technology Forum

 InterSystems IRIS Data Platform & Roadmap

Marcel den Ouden | InterSystems

InterSystems as foundation for Industry 4.0 at Vlisco

Marcel Artz | Vlisco

QuickML: Machine Learning for Developers

Benjamin de Boe | InterSystems

Real Time Location Data driving operational efficiency in Healthcare

John Gesquiere | Televic Healthcare N.V.

12. February 2020

Technology Forum

AI/ML for Newbies: Introduction to Technology and Architecture

Aleksandar Kovačević | InterSystems

Basics: Containers and Cloud Deployments

Marcel den Ouden | InterSystems

SQL Performance: Need for Speed

Benjamin De Boe | InterSystems

Interoperability: From Concept to Implementation

Wietze Drost | InterSystems